Coding & Robotics Classes for Kids

Introduce your kids to the
world of Technology.

Let them create Games, Animations & Apps
Let them build and program their Robots

"Commence this fascinating journey with us and watch your kids evolve as creators, inventors and coders."

Ages 7+

Ages 10+

Ages 10+

Ages 12+

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Best suited for ages 7-15!!

Rajavalli Rajiv Mother of Vinmeen (10 years old)

You are an excellent teacher. She is loving the class so much. She was explaining about today's story which she made, to everyone. You are simply super. Thanks for the time you spend.

Madhumitha Deepak Mother of Dakshitha (8 years old)

Dakshitha totally enjoyed the Coding and Robotics classes at eduSeed. She always looks forward to the sessions. The teachers at eduSeed do a great job in bringing out the creativity of the kids.

Vishnupriya Arun Mother of Aditri (8 years old)

Aditri attended the Scratch classes last summer at eduSeed. She found it very interesting and loved creating animations and games. The concepts she learnt over there helped her a lot in school.